CHAPEL – like a parish, open to all and unifying: it is a desire to bring people together that drives the young Parisian brand.

Its principle is simple: a unisex, inclusive wardrobe, deployed over a small series of timeless items, crafted out of upcycled noble fabrics from high end French houses and tailored in Parisian workshops. The offer is focused on an ensemble: two pairs of trousers, one close to the body, the other wide, and two shirts, with long or short sleeves.


Thus is born a subversive uniform: depending on the stocks acquired, textiles and prints are in perpetual evolution. Each model is near unique and allows a daring juxtaposition of patterns. Worn as a total look for a suit-like effect, or remixed with one’s personal wardrobe, these limited edition pieces are intended to

be collected like sneakers.


Durable and responsible, the brand only produces the orders placed, in order not to generate any waste. These follow a short and transparent circuit, produced in the greatest skill by craftsmen, then delivered two to three weeks later. Faced with a fashion culture synonymous to instantaneous and the ephemeral, CHAPEL elevates time to the status of ultimate luxury.


On top of this eco-responsible commitment, diversity is also at core – identity, gendered, ethnic, generational, morphological, from its backstage to its campaigns. 


For the two founders of the brand, Agathe Mougin and Laura Marciano, difference is a richness to celebrate, and never a border. This openness is essential to them, organic, free of any calculation: Agathe, model, DJ, militates against homophobia; Laura, a director of Polish and Moroccan origin, places multiculturalism at the heart of her practice. For them, unisex is a way of freeing themselves from societal shackles through style, and of allowing, as they do with CHAPEL, an expression of the self expressed through reappropriation.

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